Monday, 29 July 2013

Why... Oh why! OH WHY!!..... must I love books.

Ok well this question has been pounding in my head all weekend. I have been reading and writing like a crazy woman. That never happens.....EVER!
That's because I usually partake in life either socializing, working, playing music, patting my cats or spending time with my boyfriend.

All of those things happened this weekend, but not without my laptop and kindle in my hands at all times. I've been super motivated, but multitasking is the excuse I've made to allow books to take over my life. 
I say that with a smile, but I wonder if I should be worried...... :D
I love books too much. 

Anyway small rant over. I better pull myself away from the internet before goodreads takes over my life as well.  :D

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