Monday, 7 October 2013

Late night gallivanting

So here I am again exploring the internet in the wee hours of the morning.
I haven’t done a blog post in a while. I’ve been busy working and studying. I also don’t feel like I have anything overly important to talk about. That leads me to this post. Is it really that important to announce that I am on the computer late at night? Probably not haha!

Anyway! What I really want to talk about is passion. I truly believe that everyone is passionate about something in their life. For me, it’s music and writing. Whenever I feel inspired, happy, motivated, or passionate; I turn to one of those things. I feel lucky that I can without too much judgement. What I mean is people accept that I am passionate about music and writing, and they support me.

I feel sorry for anyone who is told that they can’t do what they enjoy doing. For example I have a friend who really loves to play video games. Many people look down upon him because he is ‘wasting his life.’ Ok, I understand that too much of anything isn’t exactly healthy, but that is true for anything. So what if he likes to play games? He still works and plays an active part in society. Should he really be judged because he likes to play games in his spare time?

I’m sure people would disapprove if they know how many T.V. shows I watch. It’s a lot......seriously. To that I say: who cares. I like T.V. shows, and when it comes to Once Upon a Time I’m passionate about it. It’s a good thing to do what you love best. As long as your happy that’s all that matters. Pay your bills, work, socialize, and enjoy your passion.

On that note! I’d love to hear from anyone who wants to share. What are you passionate about? What is it that YOU love to do most?

Monday, 29 July 2013

Why... Oh why! OH WHY!!..... must I love books.

Ok well this question has been pounding in my head all weekend. I have been reading and writing like a crazy woman. That never happens.....EVER!
That's because I usually partake in life either socializing, working, playing music, patting my cats or spending time with my boyfriend.

All of those things happened this weekend, but not without my laptop and kindle in my hands at all times. I've been super motivated, but multitasking is the excuse I've made to allow books to take over my life. 
I say that with a smile, but I wonder if I should be worried...... :D
I love books too much. 

Anyway small rant over. I better pull myself away from the internet before goodreads takes over my life as well.  :D

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


So I'm going to give myself a shot at KDPS which will put the e-book version of my novel solely onto Amazon for a while.

Some people say it's done really good things for them. Others not so much, but I think I'll give it a shot.

I do plan on making me book available everywhere else again one day. For now, if you want a copy of my book, it will be at Amazon.


Sunday, 14 July 2013

I want to review books!

Part of releasing my novel included searching for and looking for some book bloggers who might want to review it. It was a lengthy process, but I have a few people lined up now. I'm super excited to see the feedback. It's nerve-wracking, but I am interested to know what people think. I've had a couple of great ratings. Check out good reads if you want to see.

Anyway the reason I'm posting this is because during the searching process I developed a real soft spot for book bloggers! They spend their precious reading time to help self-published authors get noticed.

All I have to say is people who read and review self-published novels..... YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

You are so awesome you have inspired me! That's why I want to review novels. I've already read a million books and I want a place to talk about them. I ALSO want to help really great self-published authors get noticed. I know how hard it is. I'm in the middle of it myself.

So I have decided that I will make a sister blog to this one. This will remain as my blog where I talk about myself and my novels. The other blog will be where I talk about what I am reading and reviewing. It will be a mixture of published and self-published novels. (whatever I'm reading) and I will be open to accepting review requests.

Oh so exciting!

Anyway!!! Here is a link to my new blog: Paranormal Book Escapades where you can discover what I discover (If you want) :D

Monday, 24 June 2013

The Keepers 2 - Blurb Reveal

The second book in the Keepers trilogy is well underway. In the print version of the first novel I introduced the blurb for the novel so it's about time I share it on my blog.

As of now I don't have a title for the second installment, but I do have some ideas. Until it's named here is a peak of what to expect:

Ava’s new responsibilities as a Keeper force her two lives to collide.
After an unforeseen tragedy, Ava must choose between the secret society of magic that needs her, or her ordinary life. Her decision will unravel secrets the Keepers are trying so desperately to hide, and lead her to discover her own truths. But can she abandon her best friend or the Keepers’ greater good?
   It will take Ava’s everything to find the truth in a world full or secrets, betrayals and chaos.
   But is it worth the cost of everything she hold dear?

I am really excited to share the second book with everyone. I can't wait until the day I can announce it's completion! 

Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Keepers in PRINT!!


After lots of hard work the wait has come to an end. The Keepers is available on Amazon and Create space for: $15

I'm celebrating with tea and a smile :)

Here is the links to buy them:



Friday, 17 May 2013

I'm a bit predictable...

I haven't done a post in a while because there's not a lot of book news at the moment. So....I decided to talk about a little obsession of mine..... TEA.

I love it in almost any taste, form and color. I often talk about how I love tea, but I hadn't realized just how much until my birthday when the majority of my birthday presents consisted of tea related items.

I'm not complaining at all because (to tell you the truth) I am completely stoked! I'm kinda glad I'm so predictable because I got some awesome gifts! I am, however, quite worried about the sudden influx of tea in my collection. It has come a bit excessive to the point where I don't know if I can drink it all anytime soon. To give you guys a indication of what I'm talking about I have added a picture of my tea related items:

I have a whole cupboard dedicated to this mess. The crazy thing it most of them are presents (including both teapots and the box). My friends are fueling my obsession. To that I say: Thank you. You know me well/I am predictable.

If anyone shares this obsession with me post a pic of your tea collection or simply let me know what you favorite flavors are. I'd love to know!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Keepers back up

Yay! The Keepers is available again on Amazon!

 Now to work on getting the print version as spiffy :)

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Updating Ebook!

Just to let everyone know I submitted an updated version of the Keepers in ebook form on Amazon.
I've eliminated further typos and errors. It's now 100 percent free of error.

The good news is the print version will be coming really soon to. 

Turning 23!

So my birthday is coming up on May 13. I'm turning 23 and I can't lie......I feel like I'm starting to get old.

I know I'm not, but I have this weird phobia of turning 25 and each year I'm creeping towards it.

Anyway! I view this year as very special. On New Years Eve I said to my boyfriend Daniel: "13 is my birth date and my favorite number. This year is going to be the best ever."

So far I think It's been really good. I'm finishing uni this year, my business is doing well, I have released The Keepers and who knows what else I'll do. I plan to release the second book in The Keepers Trilogy.

Other then that I already know what my present is. Daniel is getting me a kindle. Getting an ereader will be awesome. My laptop hurts my eyes when I read ebooks.

The scary thing is that I now have four portable devices that can access the internet....what is the world coming to?! It won't even give me a chance to break away from the computer spell. Hehe JK, I'm pretty good and tearing myself away from the internet.

Ok enough ramblings.... I really have to go to bed....I wasn't successful in getting myself to sleep tonight.... It's 3am..... so much for being good at getting off the internet.......

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Writing Book 3

HI! I realised today just how long It's been since I've done a post Oops :P

So I haven't talked about this much, but I actually in the process of writing the third book in The Keepers trilogy.

.... wait what is happened with the second book?

It's being edited, so technically me and my editor are working on it, but I'm not actually writing it like I am the third book. 

 Writing the third book has been strange for me.  I am actually finding it a lot harder to write this then the other two. I think the main reason is I don't want to stop writing the trilogy. It's sad letting go of something so dear to my heart.

Because of this I've drifted into a new project. A whole new setting with fresh characters. It's really refreshing writing something different for the Keepers series which has consumed so much of my time.

This new book differs from The Keepers in many ways. It switches between two peoples points of view rather than one and features quite a small amount of characters.
There are also some similarities like ties with history and such, but I won't give too much away.

Anyway I think I would have to categorise it under sci-fi? The reason why is because it revolves around time travel. I really loved exploring that because I got to make up my new rules. Goodbye overdone CAN'T TALK TO FUTURE/PAST SELF problems. My time travel rules allow such interaction between past and future selves without causing a time rift or the other self to faint.

Anyway, enough about possibility books. I'm not sure if I will ever publish said time travel novel, but I enjoy writing it! It would be nice to see something besides The Keepers come to life one day.

Friday, 12 April 2013


So just to let everyone know. The search for my novel wasn't working BUT NOW IT IS!!!

For anyone interested in looking up my book on goodreads you should probably type in j.l.block

The Keepers isn't as unique and my pen name. :)

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Waiting for the proof.....

So I've sent in the files to create the print version of The Keepers.

I am crazy crazy excited about it!! REALLY EXCITED!

At the moment I'm waiting on what they call the proof copy. Basically I pay for the printers to send me one copy of my novel and then check it when it arrives. If everything is correct and I am happy with it then I can approve it to be sold via Amazon. According to what I understand once I approve the book It's almost instantly available for people to purchase. If that really is the case the book should be available to buy at the end of this month!
I have to say, just the thought of holding a story I created in my hands is a feeling I find hard to comprehend. All of that hard work and physical proof to show it. They say our generation expects instant gratification for things. I think that's true on some levels, but I also think that the reward is even greater for those who wait and are patient.

Anyway, after this big gush, all I really want to say is The Keepers is coming in print! When it does.................... I will be over the moon!!!!!!!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

More Places to buy

Getting back to The Keepers, I am happy to say that it it available in a few more online stores now.

The two newest places are Barnes and Noble and the iBooks store.

I have direct links via the where to buy page.

As for the print version. It is almost done for submission. I'm estimating a couple of months before it's available via Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but then again I also thought the ebook was going to take a long time and I was wrong.

I'm very excited to hold The Keepers as a print book in my hands!!! hopefully many more people are to!!!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Independence is important

Before I start I want everyone to know this is my opinion, but if you have a different one, that's OK.

I am a true supporter of independent creators and in extension people who buy independent material.
I believe that anyone who has the bravery to put their work out should be commended. Putting something you have created out to share with the public is a big step. By creating a public image and showing your work you are putting yourself (and your works) out for potential praise and criticism.

For those 'consumers' who buy and support independent material, you should also be commended. Your contributions helps many people to in their path to succeeding their dreams. Without you there wouldn't be any indie creations. Many indie creators do what they do because they love it and half the time their royalties are not earning them an income, but funding their next project. Without support the big companies would squash out our independence.

I honestly believe that independent works are the way of the future. Sure It's nice to have a big company or publishing house telling us whats 'good' or not, but why listen to them when we can choose ourselves. They can't possibly know what everyone likes because everyone is different.

So why not support independence? Sure you will find some stuff you don't like, but you will also find things you LOVE. Stuff that you would have never known about because the big guys have missed it.

Independence gives power back to the people.

Monday, 1 April 2013


Hey Guys!

Check out this interview I did with book blogger Denise for The Keepers!
Her blog is called The pen muse, check it out. 


She blogs reviews on all types of books so there's something for everyone on her blog. 

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter and other randomness

So it's Easter time. I really respect everyone who remembers what it is really about instead of getting distracted by chocolate. On the other hand chocolate is VERY distracting. My boyfriend Daniel and I decided to be big kids and do an Easter egg hunt on Sunday. Let's just say I don't plan on making it easy for him.

I would really like to put his chocolate in places he would NEVER think to look, but I have conflicted feelings about such an idea. On one hand it would be fun to watch him racking his brains to find my hiding places. On the other hand I am afraid they will either melt into sticky messes or the cats will find them and use them as toys. So I don't know if I should make it hard or impossible for him. *smiles fiendishly as the desire to make it impossible rises!*

Aside from Easter egg hunt my favourite thing to do is crush the bunnies or eggs while they are still in their foil. I think I'm a little bit evil.....

 Moving on from Easter, school holidays have finally come around which means I don't have a lot to do for the next two weeks. This gives me more time to write books!!! and read more!! and play more music!!! YAY!!!

I'm actually working on the third book in the Keepers series at the moment. It's fun, but I don't want to finish it because I think once I do The Keepers will be over. That's not true at all. There's still a lot more editing work to do on both the second and third book.

Speaking of books.... one of my favourite books is 'The Host.' Yes I've already seen the movie and I LOVED IT. I am a big fan of the book, but was pleasantly surprised about the movie adaption. They did a really good job translating the book into the movie. There were a few changes, but I could accept most.

As for the actors. I really liked Daine Kruger as the seeker, even though she has blond hair, and there is nothing I can hate about Saoirse Ronan. I was even ok with the fact that Jarrod had brown hair and Ian had blond hair.

Anyway that is my big rant for today. Happy Easter to everyone :)

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Once upon a time Rocks my socks off!

For all of you who know and like the T.V series once upon a time are awesome!
For those of you who don't know what it is.....CHECK IT OUT!

I seriously LOVE once upon a time! It has to be one of the best T.V series to come along for a while.
It's based in a town called storybook and flashes back to the characters lives when they used to live in fairytale land. The best thing is all of the characters are from stories, but all have really cool twists and differences.

The show has many twists and turns as all of the characters lives intertwine both in story brook and in fairytale land. This flash back and drama style is to be expected because the people responsible for the show are the creators of former T.V series 'Lost'.

Once upon a time is much better then Lost, and also very different. If you weren't a fan of Lost or got bored of it after a while like I did, have no fear. Once upon a time is very different and the characters are really amazing!

Is it bad for me to say that the bad guys are my favourite? My top five faves are in this order:

1. Rumple/Gold
2. Hook
3. Regina/Evil queen
4. Emma (first non evil character)
5. August (I'm seriously upset about what they did to him this last episode, but I'm not going to say what because I don't want to spoil it)

I really love the magic element to the show. I love magic and Rumple+Regina both use it avidly. I think that's party why I love them so much, but also because they are just awesome.

I love bad guys. I've always wanted to write a book just about a bad guy because they are often really complex or traumatised in some way.  The bad guy/s (not giving it away) In The Keepers is both! Also a bit crazy. I don't think all bad people have to be crazy, but the crazy ones are always the most entertaining. An example of a completely crazy bad guy is the Joker from Batman. Perhaps he is 'over the top crazy', but you can't deny that he's entertaining.

For me (Bat Man and other comic books excluded) a bad guy still needs to be realistic. I find bad guys are often misguided rather then just plain evil. I think that both Rumple and Regina are misguided bad guys. Cora on the other hand is just plain evil and I'm beginning to think hook is too......

Anyway, back to Once upon a time. If you love Fantasy or fairy tails in general you will love this T.V series. I like how it has Fantasy, but also links in with 'real' life. I really like that mix. 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Good new..... The Keepers is finally PUBLISHED!!!!

I finally get see the result of my hard word and share my work with others.

At the moment It's only available in a few places:

Amazon in ebook form. Click here to go the the Amazon page.
If you have a different reading device preference you can get it from Smashwords in literally any ebook format.

Smashwords in ebook form. Click here to go to the Smashwords page.

It will soon be available in ebook from: apple iBookstore, Barnes and Noble, Sony Kobo store and a few others.

After that I have plans to make a print version if that is your preferred reading style. I personally love print books, but find myself switching between ebooks and print books all the time. 

The price is $2.99 across the board for ebooks. That's less then a coffee!

This info is also on my facebook page

I would classify The Keepers as Contemporary Fantasy. I recommend it to anyone who likes Fantasy, especially those who like magic, spy missions and action scenes!

Monday, 11 March 2013

The Keepers Cover

I finally have the opportunity to reveal my cover for The Keepers!

I want to thank the cover artist Nadica Boskovska. With her help I am one step closer to publishing. 

You can view more of her work on her Deviant Art page by clicking: Here

You won’t be disappointed. Her work is fantastic and her professionalism is of a really high standard. I loved working with her and look forward to work with her for the other two covers! 

  Check out the image without the text on The Keepers page.

Friday, 1 March 2013

What's holding me back!

The suspense is KILLING ME!!!

I was all ready to publish. I had the cover ready and the whole book formatted and then I recieved bad news.

A friend of mine had completed to original novel cover, but could not commit to the other two. Unfortunately that meant I couldn't use it as it wouldn't make sense to have two completely different style covers as part of a series.

I was really bummed out at first, but then I started to search for other people. I found so many talented artists on Deviant art. For anyone who doesn't know it is a website where artists display their work much like a blog is somewhere a writer can talk about their books.

I have someone in mind for the cover. We are in discussion at the moment, but I'll put up a link to her page once It's finalized. Her work is really good so I can't wait to share more information about her!

Anyway, that is what is holding me back, but I will persevere! If that means I have to wait even longer to get my book out I'll do it. I think there is something to be said for anyone game enough to make their dreams come true because It's a hard road and there is no easy way around getting what you want.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

BETA: Slow but steady

As I mentioned in my last post, some of my close friends are BETA reading my book.
I was worried about it because only my mum and editor had read it. I felt my friends would judge it harsher. One reason is because I told them not to be nice and to tell me the truth.

In the end I received some amazing feedback. My younger sisters boyfriend told me he had put down a different book he was reading because he couldn’t wait to finish mine. To me that is probably one of the biggest complements I could receive as a writer. It came as a surprise because I didn’t know he was reading the book in the first place. I have to say I would have been quite annoyed at my sister for giving it to him if it weren't for that. I forgive her though, because she is my sister. 

In the end I’m happy that I had the opportunity to get some more feedback before I publish.

In my previous post I talked about sending my book to agents for queries. I sent it to about ten agents, but none were really interested. I figured as much. Agents get so much material and they have to say no to the majority. That’s the reality of publishing. I know that so I didn’t expect anything, and in the end I think I’m happy. Now I know that I will self publish and I won’t have to think about the ‘what if’ question. Getting rejected sucks majorly, but I think I queried in the right head space. It didn’t hurt as much as I expected because I know of many great authors who had been rejected multiple times before landing a deal or taking the self publishing route.

In the end it all boils down to what I want to do with my material. I could continue to try for a deal, but deep down I know that's not what I really want. All I really want is to share my book with people. If publishers won’t do it I’ll do it myself. I don’t care if only a handful of people read it I will be content knowing that I could share it with whoever comes across it.

I can't tell you how close I am everyone! The Keepers is coming in January 2013. I'll certainly be posting about it when it does!