Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter and other randomness

So it's Easter time. I really respect everyone who remembers what it is really about instead of getting distracted by chocolate. On the other hand chocolate is VERY distracting. My boyfriend Daniel and I decided to be big kids and do an Easter egg hunt on Sunday. Let's just say I don't plan on making it easy for him.

I would really like to put his chocolate in places he would NEVER think to look, but I have conflicted feelings about such an idea. On one hand it would be fun to watch him racking his brains to find my hiding places. On the other hand I am afraid they will either melt into sticky messes or the cats will find them and use them as toys. So I don't know if I should make it hard or impossible for him. *smiles fiendishly as the desire to make it impossible rises!*

Aside from Easter egg hunt my favourite thing to do is crush the bunnies or eggs while they are still in their foil. I think I'm a little bit evil.....

 Moving on from Easter, school holidays have finally come around which means I don't have a lot to do for the next two weeks. This gives me more time to write books!!! and read more!! and play more music!!! YAY!!!

I'm actually working on the third book in the Keepers series at the moment. It's fun, but I don't want to finish it because I think once I do The Keepers will be over. That's not true at all. There's still a lot more editing work to do on both the second and third book.

Speaking of books.... one of my favourite books is 'The Host.' Yes I've already seen the movie and I LOVED IT. I am a big fan of the book, but was pleasantly surprised about the movie adaption. They did a really good job translating the book into the movie. There were a few changes, but I could accept most.

As for the actors. I really liked Daine Kruger as the seeker, even though she has blond hair, and there is nothing I can hate about Saoirse Ronan. I was even ok with the fact that Jarrod had brown hair and Ian had blond hair.

Anyway that is my big rant for today. Happy Easter to everyone :)

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