Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Good new..... The Keepers is finally PUBLISHED!!!!

I finally get see the result of my hard word and share my work with others.

At the moment It's only available in a few places:

Amazon in ebook form. Click here to go the the Amazon page.
If you have a different reading device preference you can get it from Smashwords in literally any ebook format.

Smashwords in ebook form. Click here to go to the Smashwords page.

It will soon be available in ebook from: apple iBookstore, Barnes and Noble, Sony Kobo store and a few others.

After that I have plans to make a print version if that is your preferred reading style. I personally love print books, but find myself switching between ebooks and print books all the time. 

The price is $2.99 across the board for ebooks. That's less then a coffee!

This info is also on my facebook page

I would classify The Keepers as Contemporary Fantasy. I recommend it to anyone who likes Fantasy, especially those who like magic, spy missions and action scenes!

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