Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Independence is important

Before I start I want everyone to know this is my opinion, but if you have a different one, that's OK.

I am a true supporter of independent creators and in extension people who buy independent material.
I believe that anyone who has the bravery to put their work out should be commended. Putting something you have created out to share with the public is a big step. By creating a public image and showing your work you are putting yourself (and your works) out for potential praise and criticism.

For those 'consumers' who buy and support independent material, you should also be commended. Your contributions helps many people to in their path to succeeding their dreams. Without you there wouldn't be any indie creations. Many indie creators do what they do because they love it and half the time their royalties are not earning them an income, but funding their next project. Without support the big companies would squash out our independence.

I honestly believe that independent works are the way of the future. Sure It's nice to have a big company or publishing house telling us whats 'good' or not, but why listen to them when we can choose ourselves. They can't possibly know what everyone likes because everyone is different.

So why not support independence? Sure you will find some stuff you don't like, but you will also find things you LOVE. Stuff that you would have never known about because the big guys have missed it.

Independence gives power back to the people.

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