Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Writing Book 3

HI! I realised today just how long It's been since I've done a post Oops :P

So I haven't talked about this much, but I actually in the process of writing the third book in The Keepers trilogy.

.... wait what is happened with the second book?

It's being edited, so technically me and my editor are working on it, but I'm not actually writing it like I am the third book. 

 Writing the third book has been strange for me.  I am actually finding it a lot harder to write this then the other two. I think the main reason is I don't want to stop writing the trilogy. It's sad letting go of something so dear to my heart.

Because of this I've drifted into a new project. A whole new setting with fresh characters. It's really refreshing writing something different for the Keepers series which has consumed so much of my time.

This new book differs from The Keepers in many ways. It switches between two peoples points of view rather than one and features quite a small amount of characters.
There are also some similarities like ties with history and such, but I won't give too much away.

Anyway I think I would have to categorise it under sci-fi? The reason why is because it revolves around time travel. I really loved exploring that because I got to make up my new rules. Goodbye overdone CAN'T TALK TO FUTURE/PAST SELF problems. My time travel rules allow such interaction between past and future selves without causing a time rift or the other self to faint.

Anyway, enough about possibility books. I'm not sure if I will ever publish said time travel novel, but I enjoy writing it! It would be nice to see something besides The Keepers come to life one day.

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