Thursday, 2 May 2013

Turning 23!

So my birthday is coming up on May 13. I'm turning 23 and I can't lie......I feel like I'm starting to get old.

I know I'm not, but I have this weird phobia of turning 25 and each year I'm creeping towards it.

Anyway! I view this year as very special. On New Years Eve I said to my boyfriend Daniel: "13 is my birth date and my favorite number. This year is going to be the best ever."

So far I think It's been really good. I'm finishing uni this year, my business is doing well, I have released The Keepers and who knows what else I'll do. I plan to release the second book in The Keepers Trilogy.

Other then that I already know what my present is. Daniel is getting me a kindle. Getting an ereader will be awesome. My laptop hurts my eyes when I read ebooks.

The scary thing is that I now have four portable devices that can access the internet....what is the world coming to?! It won't even give me a chance to break away from the computer spell. Hehe JK, I'm pretty good and tearing myself away from the internet.

Ok enough ramblings.... I really have to go to bed....I wasn't successful in getting myself to sleep tonight.... It's 3am..... so much for being good at getting off the internet.......

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